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Table of Contents
  1. Free Stuff – Games, Products & Services
    1. Free PC & Console Games
    2. Free Graphics Design Tools
    3. Free Twitch & Amazon Prime
    4. Free Online Courses & Learning
    5. Free Youtube Extension & Mobile App
  2. Where to Get (Buy) Cheap Games
    1. Ground Rules
    2. PC & Console Game Markets
    3. Bundle Games & Charity Shopping
    4. How to Rent Video Games (Game Rentals)
  3. Where to Buy Gaming Hardware
    1. Gaming PCs & Accessories (US Only)
    2. PCs & Components @ Amazon (New & Used)
    3. Mac Sales, Deals, Components & Upgrades
    4. Used & Refurbished Macs (iMac & iMac Pro Desktops)
    5. Playstation and Xbox Consoles (New & Used)
    6. Bonus – Where to Buy Smartphones
  4. PC, Mac & Smartphone Software (Apps)
    1. Run Windows OS on a Mac
    2. Mac Performance & Tuneup
    3. PC Performance & Tuneup
    4. PC & Internet Security (MUST HAVE)
    5. VPNs – Secure Your Online Connection
    6. Password Managers
    7. Utilities & Miscellaneous
    8. Smartphone Software & Apps
  5. Website How to Guides & Tutorials
    1. How to Make a Website or a Blog
    2. How to Register a Domain Name
    3. How to Get a Web Hosting Account
    4. How to Get Premium Designs & Templates
    5. How to Install a Chat Bot on Your Website
    6. How to Secure & Protect Your Website
    7. How to Get a Logo Designed for Your Website
  6. Youtube and Video How to Guides & Tutorials
    1. How to Make Videos & Get Started on Youtube
    2. How to Pick the Right Audio Equipment
    3. How to Pick a Video Editing Application
    4. How to Pick a Screen Recording Application
    5. How to Make Effective (High CTR) Thumbnails Fast
    6. How to Extend & Manage Your Youtube Channel
  7. Where to Guides & Tutorials
    1. Where to Buy Windows 10 Cheap
    2. Where to Get Online Education & Courses
    3. Where to Hire a Language Teacher (Tutor)
    4. Where to Watch Awesome Documentaries & Streams
    5. Where to Buy Branded & Esports Gaming Apparel
    6. Where to Buy Awesome Halloween Costumes
    7. Where to Get Premium Fonts & Font Management App
  8. Miscellaneous Fun Websites & Showcases
    1. Buy a Gaming Loot Crate
    2. Explore All Kinds of FUN Products
    3. Become a Detective & Solve a Crime
    4. Find a Gamer Girl to Date
    5. Take Good Care of Your Pets
  9. Collaborate & Advertise
  10. Credits & Updates

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William A. Ward

Free Stuff – Games, Products & Services


This section features websites where you can take advantage of no strings attached free trials, games and various other products & services that are worth checking out.

I will only post stuff that I am really happy about and think you should know about too.

Free PC & Console Games

Here’s a comprehensive list of popular free to play PC & Console games that you can check out right now. I’ll categorize them by genre and mention platforms next to each.

And of course you can always take a look at most played Free to play PC Games on STEAM.

Remember, you can also become a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass member (which are great value for money) to get access to a bunch of other games for ‘free‘.

Another way to play a console game for free is to sign up @ GameFly for a free trial and have them ship you a game within a couple of days.

If there’s a game that costs money and you really want to play it (and they have it in their catalog), then get yourself a trial and try to get it that way. You have to be located in the United States.

You don’t pay any shipping fees, even when returning.

One is bound to be great!

Free Graphics Design Tools

Not everyone has the time (and desire) to become a Photoshop wizard. So if you’re like me and you’re often doing various graphic related work (I make a lot of thumbnails for Youtube), then we need an alternative.

Canva is hands down one of the best (free & paid) online tools out there. There’s tons of templates for anything you’d ever want. If you find yourself using it often and needing additional benefits, become a subscriber (I’m still a free user myself).

Other websites worth mentioning are Envato Elements & Envato Placeit.

Free Twitch & Amazon Prime

Twitch Prime will provide you with free games & in-game loot and you get to keep it all even after your trial ends. It’s included with Amazon Prime.

Treat yourself with a 30 day free trial @ Amazon Prime. This promotion at the moment does not have an end date so you can automatically get Twitch Prime included in there as well.

Some key Amazon Prime benefits:

  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items.
  • No minimum order size.
  • Instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows.
  • Unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists.

With that being said, you can see more information also @ Twitch Prime 30 Days Free.

Basically you’ll get Amazon Prime but they’re just showcasing Twitch Prime as a special promotion.

You can also Gift Amazon Prime to someone else.

Here are some more specialized links & promotions in case that any of this is relevant and appeals to you:

Again, a lot of these (music, videos and so on) are the same as the standard Amazon Prime 30 Days Free Trial. They’re just showcasing it like that to make it more appealing and show you what you can get.

If you take the 6 Months Free for Students or 50% Discount Promotion, it definitely sweetens the deal.

Free Online Courses & Learning

If you want to enroll in online courses that take anywhere from 20 minutes to few hours (or days) to complete, an amazing platform is Udemy.

I used it to watch a bunch of stuff and I’m really happy with how they’ve made the platform work.

There’s workshops, collaborations (all optional) and of course mobile apps. You can also download courses via the mobile app to watch offline when you’re traveling etc.

Other online courses, learning & certification platforms worth mentioning are Udacity, 360 Training & iTalki (language teachers).

Free Youtube Extension & Mobile App

Whether you’re posting videos on YouTube or just browsing around, TubeBuddy is an awesome Chrome extension that you can get for free. It also works well on the new Microsoft Edge!

If you start making videos then definitely subscribe to a paid plan (I use the ‘star’ plan myself). You get so much out of it, it’s crazy.

It will help you with video planning, researching topics, optimizing tags, bulk operations that would normally take days to complete manually etc. And so much more.

But even if you’re not a ‘Youtuber‘, get it anyway, you’ll see tons of new data and stats for all channels & videos you watch.

If you use Opera rather than Chrome, you need to install the extension that allows Chrome extensions to be installed in it.

There’s also a mobile app you can install for iOS & Android.

Short on time? Want FREE stuff right now? No problem!

Where to Get (Buy) Cheap Games


Instead of buying most of your games directly from publishers and paying the full price (unless there’s a promo active), always buy keys that you can redeem on those same platforms.

Ground Rules

You typically buy these from re-sellers who already snatched them in big quantities at various sales & promotions that you might have missed, and who are now looking to offload them for a profit.

Their profit margins are usually tiny, so for them it only works if they move a lot of keys quickly. There’s a lot of them and they all have to compete with each other. Which is good for us.

Ultimately, for us on the other hand, it works out pretty much the same as if we were there for the original promotion.

Some game key dealers have special supply chains and those are usually the biggest (and most reputable) ones that are always safe to buy from.

Key principles to keep in mind when buying game keys:

  • Rule number 1. Never buy from new sellers unless it’s something cheap and you want to help them get their first positive reviews. Which is nice of course!
  • Rule number 2. When selling game keys yourself, always double check the exact product page you’re associating them with or else someone might buy something from you and get something else, then call you out for being a scammer!
  • Rule number 3. When buying, make sure the seller has at least couple of dozen and 80% or higher review ratings. You’re good to go!
  • Rule number 4. Only use the websites that I am going to show you here. They’re more than enough and you 99.9% won’t find better prices elsewhere.

I’ve also sold dozens of game keys I didn’t need, and while you can make a business out of it, you really need connections for your supply.

PC & Console Game Markets

When I’m looking for a new game, my first go to page is GOG (DRM-free!).

I take a quick look and if there’s anything interesting I get it.

If not, typically I’ll move onto STEAM, Uplay, Origin & Epic Games to take a look if there’s any promotions or what’s new in general, if anything at all.

If I find something good there, I simply search for that title back at GOG to see if there’s any savings available.

Whoever has the best deal at the time, wins my money. It’s that simple!

These 3 should keep you on the right track regardless of whether you’re a console or PC player.

Bundle Games & Charity Shopping

If you’re looking to get some high value returns on your investment (and often pick the games you want), while contributing money to charity, Humble Bundle is the place to use.

I’ve subscribed a couple of times. All game keys will appear within your account, which you can then redeem on STEAM. It’s very easy to navigate and use.

There are other benefits that you get from being a subscriber, but the basic idea is that you support charities and get video games in return.

You can take a look at previous bundles on the site to see what kind of games are given. The site is very active and things are changing all the time (there are other bundles apart from video games).

The value of the bundles you get far exceeds what you pay for.

Fanatical also has fantastic game & ebook bundles you should definitely check out!

How to Rent Video Games (Game Rentals)

If you’re located in the United States and you like playing a lot of different video games but not necessarily care about owning them or paying the full price, you should sign up for a free trial @ Gamefly.

Here you can rent video games & movies and typically have them delivered to your home within 2 to 3 days. It costs nothing to start a free trial to see if the service is a good fit for you.

Shipping is free both ways and there are no late fees.

Saving money when buying games is important. 😉

Where to Buy Gaming Hardware


There are a million different websites and stores where you can purchase new & used components, PCs, Macs & Consoles. Instead of confusing and sending you all over the place, I’ll just give you a couple of pointers in terms of where to look first.

I am a big fan of Amazon so a lot of links here will be leading to specific product categories & pre-filtered results for maximum efficiency. But not all of course.

Gaming PCs & Accessories (US Only)

If you’re located in the United States and you’re looking for an exotic online shop for (not only) pre-built gaming PCs, components and accessories, look no further than Razer.

You can also find all kinds of console parts, gear & apparel, mouse pads, keyboards, gaming routers and even in-house software.

Basically all things gaming. Nice & flashy.

PCs & Components @ Amazon (New & Used)

The good thing about Amazon is that it has great prices and it’s readily available throughout the world.

Here are your shortcuts as promised:

Even for a country that doesn’t have a local version of the website, once shipping and tax fees are factored in, it’s still pretty much the same price as with most other local retailers.

In such a case I wouldn’t buy something that has a higher risk of being damaged in transport, but anything else with no moving parts and you’re good to go. Of course I would first check local shops to compare total costs.

Such components are generally speaking safe to buy ‘used‘ or ‘refurbished‘ (not the same).

Refurbished means that a part has been returned for some reason (sometimes a stupid one) but has been tested and confirmed to work.

Read all terms of the sale such as warranty info etc. You can get some pretty high discounts on basically new stuff!

Never buy refurbished items from 3rd party sellers on Amazon. Only directly from Amazon.

Motherboards, RAM memory and even SSDs (if not old) are considered safe to buy used.

Mac Sales, Deals, Components & Upgrades

If you’re looking for a new Mac or some upgrades & components then you need to check out Mac Sales.

You can find desktops, SSDs, memories, drives, docks, batteries & much more.

Used & Refurbished Macs (iMac & iMac Pro Desktops)

The same website also features tested & proven used and refurbished Macs. You get a warranty, free shipping to 48 states and 100% money back guarantee. Huge savings!

Playstation and Xbox Consoles (New & Used)

If you’re looking for good console deals, always check out Xbox One / Xbox Series S / X & PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 consoles on Amazon first.

If you see a ‘renewed‘ listing, that’s basically a refurbished console that’s up for grabs. You will get a warranty of course.

Refurbished doesn’t necessarily mean that it was malfunctioning or broken, it can simply be a returned item from someone else who changed their mind. 😉

Read all terms and conditions before checking out and you’re good to go!

Bonus – Where to Buy Smartphones

If you’re looking for a premium quality smartphone, check out OnePlus. In addition, you can also find accessories, bundles, plans etc.

Other pages worth checking out are:

All things hardware. PCs, Macs, Components & Consoles.

PC, Mac & Smartphone Software (Apps)


In this chapter I am going to show you a lot of different software applications for your desktops & laptops, as well as apps for your smartphone.

We’ll start off with security & performance and then move onto utilities and miscellaneous packages.

Run Windows OS on a Mac

If for any reason you’d like to run Windows on your Mac, you can with Parallels Desktop.

Mac Performance & Tuneup

Although I don’t exclusively work on a Mac, (For my work I use a PC), I always use CCleaner, both on Windows and on Mac.

An amazing tool that’s been around for decades, to easily clean up your computer!.

PC Performance & Tuneup

System Mechanic is a phenomenal utility that comes loaded with a bunch of features and real time optimization for your desktops/laptops.

You can download it for free to try it out and if you want the full version, it’s less than $40.

Take a look at all the features on the website.

PC & Internet Security (MUST HAVE)

I’ve been a long time user of Bitdefender and I’m a big fan of its simplistic interface, comprehensive features and of course the gaming mode which enables no interruptions, which as a gamer, I’d keep on permanently of course.

My second choice is Bullguard and this one is just as good as the first. I think it also has a similar gaming mode.

Whichever one you go with, you should also add Spybot Search & Destroy in the mix. 😉

At least get one of these and never worry about security issues again!

You can read about all features on their websites, there’s a lot.

VPNs – Secure Your Online Connection

VPN stands for virtual private network. Once you subscribe to a VPN service you’re basically anonymous online.

You enjoy a secure connection and many other benefits such as your ISP (internet service provider) not being able to track your activity anymore.

Read more about it and get yourself an awesome VPN deal at any of these:

Password Managers

If you’re like me and you’ve got a million websites where you’re registered and you happen to have all kinds of different passwords, then you could really use a password manager like NordPass or RoboForm Password Manager.

You can access passwords on any device with these services.

Utilities & Miscellaneous

Everything else worth checking out will be here. The first one that I want to show you is software from Movavi.

Here you can get all kinds of different multimedia packages including an awesome video editor, screen recorder, slideshow maker, photo editor & manager etc. Basically a lot of stuff!

The second one is software from Wondershare.

This company also features its own video editor and productivity apps. They are the makers of Dr.Fone which is a phenomenal utility for your smartphone. 😉

Here are their other projects:

  • Filmora
  • UniConverter
  • Recoverit
  • Dr.Fone
  • PDFelement
  • FamiSafe

Check it out @ Wondershare.

The next one I want to show you is Cyberlink.

This company mostly focuses on video, photo & sound editing (plus other stuff) but the good thing is that you can get ALL of their projects in an affordable yearly subscription so if you need most of it, it’s cheaper to just subscribe.

I only use the video editor Power Director so for me the standalone license is better.

Smartphone Software & Apps

As I mentioned above, Dr.Fone from Wondershare is a phenomenal utility for both your Android & iOS device (there’s a version for iPhones on the site).

But what are some other good packages out there?

Tenorshare & iMyFone feature a lot of data & recovery apps, as well as password unlockers & managers, tuneup, performance & repairs etc.

There’s really a lot of it, open both sites and take a look.

Both iOS & Android supported.

Essentials for all your device(s).

Website How to Guides & Tutorials


This is a comprehensive chapter where I’ll be adding all kinds of useful how to guides & tutorials. The goal of these is to point you to the right direction and websites but also to give you more tips & tricks from my personal experience.

How to Make a Website or a Blog

Making a website in 2020 (and beyond) is super easy and anyone can do it. It literally takes a few hours (minus content creation) to put something like this together. Even if you have no prior knowledge.

You can use a website builder such as:

If you’re a complete newbie and you’re looking for maximum convenience.

Or you can go with something like SiteGround (this one I use for all my websites).

These guys will handle the domain name registration for you (the actual address of the site), your hosting account (resources and where the site is actually located) and on top provide you with all the newest technologies and custom control panel solutions that no one else has.

In my opinion the best on the market today.

I invested a lot of time researching the best platforms to host my sites on and they always come out on top.

If you go with them, start with the most basic plan, you can always upgrade later. Doesn’t matter if it’s normal web hosting or WordPress.

I use normal hosting but I have WordPress as my platform for all sites. My plan is the middle one, with a bit more resources because I have multiple sites hosted together.

I also recommend you pay for 3 years in advance and get maximum savings.

Those are the basics, now we’ll delve a bit more into this below.

How to Register a Domain Name

If you want to just reserve your domain name for whatever reason (maybe make a site later on), then go to DomainDiscount24.

They also have web hosting but even if you go with another hosting company (as I’ll show you below), you can always ‘point‘ your domain to where it needs to resolve. It’s very easy, don’t worry about it.

DomainDiscount24 can register domain names on your behalf, there’s basically no difference wherever you go. It’s a company that has a decades long track record with solid pricing.

How to Get a Web Hosting Account

I keep mentioning SiteGround because that’s what I use and honestly believe is the best company on the market today, but other ones worth checking out are:

These are all very affordable to get started.

How to Get Premium Designs & Templates

Now that you’ve got your stuff going on, we need some high quality designs, templates and other goodies.

I recommend you head over to Envato Elements. There you will find tons of cool stuff for your site(s) and other projects, and also themes, designs etc.

You should also take a look at Envato Placeit & Canva.

These are design tools and services to use when you need custom stuff done.

You don’t have to be a professional graphic or web designer to get stuff done anymore! 😉

How to Install a Chat Bot on Your Website

Originally I wanted to include a chat bot here to give you a way to quickly find whatever you want, but instead I just went with a table of contents.

But, if you’ve made your website and you want to include something that not a lot of others have, take a look at ManyChat.

How to Secure & Protect Your Website

Security is important. Much more than I originally thought. On my other website I’ve had a bunch of attempts to hack it, login to the admin area and what not.

There are some good plugins for WordPress that will make this harder for bots and malicious users, but the best site security services & products on the market are:

If you’re on a budget and you’re using WordPress, then you need at least Wordfence.

I use it on all my sites regardless of anything else.

How to Get a Logo Designed for Your Website

When you need a logo designed by a professional, or in this case multiple professionals (which I think is really awesome), head over to the logo company.

It doesn’t matter what purpose it’s for (could be for your Youtube channel), if you need a kick-ass logo and multiple versions to choose from, that’s where you go.

Collection of website related ‘how to‘ guides.

Youtube and Video How to Guides & Tutorials


I’ve done plenty of Youtube videos and plan to do 100 times as many. And more!

Here are some tips & tricks to help get you started.

How to Make Videos & Get Started on Youtube

In the beginning, I started making Youtube videos for friends who kept bugging me to make some. But then I realized it’s really relaxing, enjoyable and it become sort of a hobby of mine.

Sometime after that there were thousands of people subscribing and it kind of blew me away, I never realized there would be so many people who would want to see more content by me.

So now I’m getting back in the saddle and getting ready to make a lot more videos. I’ll be covering different games and posting a lot more often.

I don’t really care if 5.000, 50.000 or 5 million people subscribe, as long as I’m having fun and enjoying myself and making some cash on the side to justify the time investment, I’ll be doing it.

In the following mini-chapters I’ll give you some tips & tricks on how to get started and do this yourself, it’s really easy.

Before that, think about what kind of videos would you like to make, your channel’s name, your target audience etc.

Don’t just start blindly posting videos about whatever, there’s no shortage of those and unless you just want to do that for the sake of doing it, then fine. Otherwise have a plan. At least some kind of a plan.

How to Pick the Right Audio Equipment

When starting out, you don’t have to make videos with yourself talking in them, you can make all kinds of videos without actually talking.

I’ve seen plenty of channels do it successfully and I’ve done a few like that too. It’s faster and more convenient but not always optimal.

You should start with something modest to gain more experience and ease into it.

My audio quality was horrendous back in 2015, 2016 or whenever I started posting.

I was using my headphone’s mic, then I started using a mic on a smartphone which was a nightmare to sync up later in post, then I said okay now it’s time for something decent but not too expensive and I went with Audio Technica at2020 USB+ Microphone.

It was a choice between that one and the Blue Yeti. I went with the first because I think it sounds a bit better and the other one wasn’t really available when I was buying.

If you can get it from Amazon with free shipping, you’re good to go. It’s not expensive but it’s not super cheap either.

If you need something more affordable you can also take a look at Blue Snowball USB Microphone. It’s a great mic to start with on a budget!

Now, one thing about the at2020 is that it’s kind of sensitive so it will pick up everything in the room.

To deal with this, I’m also using Adobe Audition to filter the audio signal in real time and apply all kinds of different post-effects and variables. This really helps to polish the audio but requires CPU resources so don’t do it if your machine is not capable.

But just decreasing sensitivity, talking louder and being in a quiet environment should be good enough.

Another option is to use Mirilis Action (my recording software), it has a nice audio gate option (OBS has it too I think), which will auto-eliminate sounds below a certain frequency.

I still prefer Audition’s filters but if you can’t get your hands on it, this is a good alternative.

My next upgrades will be a semi-professional setup with Rode NT1KIT Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package and Yamaha MG10XU 10-Input Stereo Mixer With Effects.

There’s also a USB version of Rode NT1 if you don’t want the mixer board.

But with the mixer board you don’t need any software pre/post processing. Everything is analog, real time and 100% hardware based, which is perfect.

How to Pick a Video Editing Application

Starting off with basics like Windows Movie Maker is 100% fine for your first videos. That’s what I did.

There are plenty of different editing applications. What’s important is that you find something that suits you and you’re comfortable with.

I went with Cyberlink’s Power Director mainly because I was looking for an app that produces videos fast, and at the time this program had the reputation of being the fastest on the market. Maybe it still is, I don’t know.

It’s a solution between something that’s 100% basic and 100% professional. So you could call it ‘prosumer‘ I guess.

Eventually I got used to it, watched a lot of tutorials and even though I’m no editing wizard, I can do pretty much everything I want and real fast too.

Which is really important. You don’t want to spend too much time editing and rendering because you could be creating more instead!

Other good editing applications are Filmora from Wondershare and Movavi (can download for free, PC & Mac).

Of course, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and Final Cut (Mac) are very popular too, but I don’t really find them that appealing for what I’m doing.

OpenShot is not bad if you’re on a budget and need a free video editing application.

How to Pick a Screen Recording Application

There are many options for you to record gameplay, your desktop, stream video etc. I won’t list dozens of different solutions but just the ones I think are worth mentioning.

When I first started out (almost forgot about it), I used FRAPS.

I think it’s free and it only works on Windows. I quickly moved away from it because it was hitting my performance a bit too hard (FPS while recording).

On a side note, I think Windows 10 has a built in recorder but I don’t use that. I’m still on Windows 7 (old habits die hard). I’ll switch on my next PC upgrade.

Now back to FRAPS. They probably improved it a lot since then (it’s been like 5 years or so), so you might want to check it out in case that you like its extremely simplistic interface. I don’t think it supports streaming but I could be wrong.

I tried OBS which is open source (free) and very comprehensive. Many gamers use it to stream and record videos with it.

I quickly dumped it because I found the whole setup incredibly complicated and annoying, at least for me personally, probably because I came from FRAPS. If I started with it, I’d probably still be using it.

But then I got my free 30 days Mirilis Action trial and I never looked back. This was a perfect compromise between simplicity and options.

I paid for the full version and spent some time searching for information and configuring it for maximum performance and convenience. I was allergic to performance hits so this was my reason for switching.

I wanted something great, that worked flawlessly and was easy to use but also come with all the bells and whistles. I was a very demanding prospector.

With that being said, maybe 5% of the time Action won’t fully support (full screen mode) a certain game I’m trying to record, in which case I use AMD’s ReLive.

This is also phenomenal and supports pretty much the same stuff Action does. They’re very similar actually.

ReLive is free and very easy to use. Also very comprehensive but it comes with a 100% sleek interface like Action. So that’s my backup in case that I need it. It comes bundled with AMD’s GPU software so why not?

Similarly, if you’re using Nvidia cards, you also have Shadowplay.

Both of these support streaming so you don’t even really need to buy anything or bother with installing external software, just use what you already have. 😉

If I started recording videos today, I would just use the built in recorder from my GPU software and not even bother with anything else.

My video editing application also comes bundled with a small screen recorder application, so there’s always that too.

If you’re playing on a potato PC, definitely use the built-in ones so you don’t have to run a lot of stuff at the same time.

How to Make Effective (High CTR) Thumbnails Fast

I have videos on my channel that are often hitting 15%, 20% or even 25% CTR (click through rates). This is as far as I know waaaaay south of unheard of for the great majority of channels out there.

I also noticed my overall channel CTR going up to the 10% – 15% range, which is awesome. In time it will probably be even higher when more videos like that are out.

Number 1, you need to give your channel a branding effect and people will recognize your thumbnails in the sea of videos on Youtube easier.

This is important because a lot of people who watched your content previously will also often get your new videos recommended to them throughout different pages on Youtube.

Number 2, you need to make it easy for yourself to produce more of them and not spend too much time wondering if it’s a good thumbnail strategy or not. You need to know that it is.

Number 3, you obviously need to increase your CTR by having a better thumbnail which means more views for free. A good template will help you with that while keeping time requirements down and manageable for mass production.

Titles are also very important, only second to thumbnails. And video demand of course. If there’s no demand, there’s no views.

So what I did was simple. I decided on a template for my channel but not because I was thinking it would be super good in terms of CTRs, but because it would make the channel look better and easily allow people to differentiate between different games that I’m covering.

When the template was chosen, I picked different colors for different games, different background images (super easy to find them) and voila, my thumbnail production was complete.

All the texts use the same font & settings so the channel has a stylish uniformed look & feel. Modern and easy to read.

I used and still use Canva.

How to Extend & Manage Your Youtube Channel

If you’re serious about producing videos for Youtube regularly, the most important Youtube tool in my opinion is Tubebuddy.

Even if you’re just watching stuff and not creating content yourself, get it anyway.

It’s a 100% free Chrome extension that will allow you to see all kinds of different stats for channels and videos that you watch.

They also have mobile apps to help you manage your channel.

When you want to start making videos, take a look at all its benefits and subscribe to a paid plan (I use the ‘star’ one).

If you’re using Opera like me, you can install it if you first install the Enable Chrome Extensions extension in Opera.

Everything Youtube related.

Where to Guides & Tutorials


I’ll be a little different and also put up some ‘where toguides & tutorials as well. I think these can be just as valuable as the other ones. 😉

Where to Buy Windows 10 Cheap

I don’t know for how long the supply will go, but you can snatch a key for Windows 10 Home & Windows 10 Pro for less than $30.

This link will take you to the pro version. Feel free to resell it for profit. 😉

Where to Get Online Education & Courses

If you want to educate yourself, watch courses (even if just to pass time), you can get 2 months for free @ Skillshare. I used it and watched a lot of stuff during that time, it was great.

Other good websites are Udacity and 360 Training (this one also offers various certifications if that’s what you need).

Between these 3, there’s pretty much anything you could ever want.

Where to Hire a Language Teacher (Tutor)

iTalki is a great platform where you can get in touch with teachers & tutors to learn a new language.

You can hire a person that you think would be the best fit for you and learn at your own pace. Pricing is great too.

Where to Watch Awesome Documentaries & Streams

I love documentaries. In fact, I used to watch them ALL the time whenever I’d have the TV on, which is rare.

So you’re like me and you love this stuff, then you definitely need to subscribe to Curiosity Stream (there’s a 4k option too).

Where to Buy Branded & Esports Gaming Apparel

Alright, so if you’re into gaming apparel and branded merch AND you’re a fan of Blizzard games, then you absolutely need to check out the Blizzard Gear Store.

For all other eSports & gaming apparel, check out Fnatic & Fanatics shops (very similar names but different products).

Where to Buy Awesome Halloween Costumes

Is there a website where you can buy all kinds of awesome Halloween costumes and have them delivered even outside the United States? Yes there is!

Where to Get Premium Fonts & Font Management App

If you’re looking for the best professional font collection, go to MyFonts. I also recommend that you get Font Explorer X Pro (now available for both PCs and Macs).

This awesome utility will let you sort, organize and manage your fonts, if that’s something you’re dealing with often.

Oh and by the way, if you buy it, you will also get over $1,000 in fonts bundled in for free.

Collection of various ‘where to‘ guides.

Miscellaneous Fun Websites & Showcases


In this closing chapter you will find all kinds of different stuff that may or may not interest you as a gamer specifically, however after examining it more closely I decided to include it because it’s freaking awesome.

Buy a Gaming Loot Crate

I absolutely despise loot boxes in video games, it’s a huge money sink most of the time. But this is something that I can 100% endorse.

Real Physical Loot Crates delivered to your home.

Geek collector’s paradise!

Explore All Kinds of FUN Products

This is an online shop where you can buy all kinds of flavored stuff. Apparel, costumes, accessories & much more.

Check it out @ FUN.

Become a Detective & Solve a Crime

If you qualify, this website will deliver you a physical package (works as a subscription) and your job is to go through the clues and solve the mystery.

How cool is that?

Check it out @ Hunt a Killer.

Find a Gamer Girl to Date

Let’s face it, most of you reading this will be dudes.

But even if you’re a girl and you want to date a gamer guy, go for eHarmony.

You will complete a compatibility quiz so you won’t even have to see people who aren’t a good match for you from the start.

Take Good Care of Your Pets

A lot of people have pets but they don’t take good care of them. It’s not that they don’t want to, they just don’t know how.

Don’t let that happen to you, stock up here @ Budget Pet Care.

Not necessarily gaming related but FUN!

Collaborate & Advertise

If you are an individual or a company that has a product, service, website or anything else you’d like to see featured here, you can get in touch with me via the following form.

If you just want to say hello, that’s fine too.

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Anything we need to talk about?

Credits & Updates

I know we can all be curious sometimes about who made something, why did they do it etc. So let’s move that out of the way quickly!

My name is Alexander, or to be precise ‘Aleksandar’, but you can call me Alex.

At the time of writing this I am a 29 year old and there is a pandemic going on in the world. I’m sure you’ve heard of it!

Well, during this time many more people chill out on Netflix, others play games and I am here writing & creating stuff that’s hopefully going to prove useful to you and many others.

In return, by using some of these products & services via my referral links, you will be automatically contributing at no extra cost, so thank you!

We humans are curious creatures.

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